Monday, June 20, 2011

Chapter One: In My Head

This past summer had been one of the toughest hurdles Jordan and I had been through. After Jordan's surgery on his foot, an infection had grown. The whole summer was a healing process about getting stronger. Not only did Jordan's foot start to get better, so did our relationship. Jordan didn't want to be in the spotlight because of his injury. He wanted to do things his way meaning as little media as possible. In front of the camera Jordan isn't one who is big on words. He knew Sid was the go-to guy for the job. The locker room had big personalities like Max and Geno. If you really knew Jordan, you would know he was the boy next door, except of course with a tremendous amount of talent both on and off the ice.

The whole summer we tried our best to stay in hiding so Jordan could solely focus on getting his foot better. There were many ups and downs, but we did it together with the help of Kelsey and Kris. All four of us stayed at Jordan's camp up in Thunder Bay. We were all close before, but this made us have an inseparable bond.

Now that things were starting up again in hockey, the team wasn't exactly off to a great start. 1-3, with all three loses being at the new arena wasn't good. Opening night at Consol was difficult, but the start of a new era. The team lost its home opener to Philadelphia and the boys were pissed. The defense was almost completely revamped with Kris, Brooks, and Alex remaining. It was taking the team awhile to adjust. Jordan couldn't help but feel guilty about not being there to help.

Kelsey and I were a little over a month into classes and things were thankfully going smoothly with that. It was my senior year at Pitt and it was crunch time. Jordan was such a huge help. After he was done with training and conditioning, he was the one sitting on the couch with me doing the work. I think I crammed three years of communications into his brain within a month. We were always there for each other and that's what mattered most. Of course we knew we always had Kels and Kris not just because she was my sister, but also because she was one of my best friends.

It was 8:30 AM and I was sitting in class when I got the text from Jordan.

"I got the green light for skating"

I responded back with "Celebration tonight like our birthday last month?"

"You bet. Have fun in class, boo"

I was so excited! All of the hard work from this summer was paying off. I texted Kelsey with the news and she was thrilled as well. We decided the four us would go out to the Cheesecake Factory tonight.

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  1. love the first chapter...excited to see where this goes!